Amethyst Triple Wrap Bracelet


Amethyst triple wrap leather bracelet features genuine amethyst stone and silver plated accents.


Amethyst triple wrap bracelet in a variety of leather colors is accented with silver plated beads.   Rustic Purple, Vintage Black leather or Lilac/Rose Floral.  Lengths listed are the circumference of the wrap when clasped.  Add 3/4″ to your wrist measurement to find the closest size. Available in sizes XS (6.5″), S (7″), M (7.5″), L (8″), and XL (8.5″).


Additional information

Weight N/A

Rustic Purple, Vintage Black, Lilac Rose Floral

Bracelet Size

XS 6.5", S 7", M 7.5", L 8", XL 8.5"