Sapphire & Leather Jewelry

Gathering inspiration from the surrounding Sapphire Mountains led to the fun of visiting local sapphire mines and searching through the gravel for genuine Montana sapphires.  Sapphires are the perfect accent to leather feathers and leaves.  All sapphires are set in 14k white or yellow gold and feature removable leather feathers or leaves.  Please contact me to have your own one-of-a-kind pendant or pair of earrings with beautiful genuine sapphires (406) 381-0284.  Montana sapphires come in a wide array of colors from deep blue to sea green, pink, yellow, orange and clear.  Heat treatment of sapphires is common to enhance the color of the stone.  Occasionally stones are found that do not need enhancement.  Yogo sapphires from the Yogo Mine is a good example of stones that do not need heat treatment.  Coming soon, a new page about common sapphire treatments.

Turquoise leather feathers and Montana Sapphires from the Rock Creek Deposit near Philipsburg, Montana. 1.02 total carat weight, set in yellow gold. Heat treated.


Montana sapphire and leather feathers

A pair of blue leather feathers accented by a gorgeous 1.74 total carat weight Montana Sapphire mined by the artist at the Gem Mountain Mine near Philipsburg, MT. set in 14 k white gold and chain. Heat treated.  Sold